Sunday, June 29, 2008

Westport Park

The ad in the Mayo News said:
Family Day at Westport Park!
Free Admission!
Craft and Food Booths!

On the site of an 18th century manor home
and former home of 16th century pirate queen
Grace O'Malley, Westport Park is home to
swan boats, a "slippery dip", a flume, a kiddie
train....we ventured up to the Wild Animal Park
and saw:
1) a donkey
2) an Irish red deer
3) three alpacas
4) two llamas
5) a rabbit
6) a goat
7) a dozen hens
8) one white goose
9) numerous ducks


  1. Slippery dip flume!
    I can't wait to ride one.
    Rebecca, in 91 degrees of Seattle.

  2. Of course, "slippery dip", with the clever substitution
    of a letter or two, became for us newlyweds the source of a lot of humor....

    But I'm with you: I too want to ride the Slippery Dip Flume! (But only if it's 91.)