Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's June, nearly summer, and all I want to do
is curl up under heavy blankets and sleep.
I hereby rename the current season to: Wing.
(Winter + spring.) If this tundric weather pattern
doesn't significantly improve soon, I'll be forced
to rename the next season also: Wummer.
Sounds a lot like that other word, warmer,
but no! It's neither warmer nor summer.

Greek yogurt with chocolate sauce and a crumble
of graham crackers will do in a pinch.

Leaving for Ireland on the 14th, had to buy a rain slicker.
(It's as wet there as it is here.) The color is celery.
Not cabbage or kohlrabi. Not lacewing.


  1. wummer like bummer.
    I like wing.
    Greek yogurt with chocolate sauce.
    Oh, if I only had some chocolate sauce.
    Or chocolate anything.

    It's wetter there than here.
    Stay here.
    (slapping my own face)

  2. I like wummer and wing--although I'd also call it wring.

  3. I guess the only thing I can add is that it's just WRONG.