Monday, June 16, 2008

Gave in to sleep, or rather sleep dragged me down,
where I stayed for 16 hours, Paul, 18. I awoke at 9:45
and didn't know if it was morning or still night because
it was cloudy and night here this time of year doesn't really
seem like night, but just a deeper, softer version of a cloudy day.
We broke fast with pinhead oats, which simmer and simmer,
and coffee I mercifully remembered to carry with me from 
Seattle. Hung towels on the line to air, and the clothesline,
once a single towel was strung, began to spin wildly
in the wind. Hold on! Soon we'll venture into town
(about 4 miles) to stock up on groceries, maybe down
a pint at Matt Malloys.


  1. Nel mezzo del cammini di nostra vita...
    !?...passavo per un saluto!

  2. Someone in Texas is greatly glamourizing the idea of oats and laundry right now, knowing where those oats and laundry are.

  3. Scrumpy! Ha! (Well, now it's cold and raining so you can put away all notions of glamour!)