Thursday, June 26, 2008

Flat Tyre....

...on the way to dinner last night. Flappety flappety flap.
Paul said, "listen to that wind!" And I said, "that's not wind."
And the teenage boy who strode out into the road and knocked
on our window said, "you've got a flat there." Ah.
Flap. Etty. Flap. What is it about a car with the trunk up
and emergency flashers on that invites an audience?
Two chefs and a patron stood at the door of the restaurant
across the street and seemed to enjoy our plight an awful lot.
Or....perhaps they were just out for a smoke. I don't know.
But they took note of our every move and commented among
themselves as if they were watching a production of Hamlet.
Amazing how easy it is to change a tire. Especially when
all you have to do is watch.

We finally made it to dinner at Quay Cottage. I had
a Clare Island Organic Salmon fillet with a wild mushroom
sauce; Paul had Sea Trout, the Irish version of Steelhead.
Interesting in that the salmon was the cheapest thing
on the menu! I was too full after dinner to stop at the pub,
but there's a drink I just must try: a brandy-port.
Just a pour of each into the same snifter. Sounds good.

The winds have finally eased, although our plans for a hike
today (post-tire-repair) once again have been thwarted
by the elements: rain. Summer? What's summer?

I enjoyed a video-chat with Reilly today on Skype.
Up for a chat? Sign up for Skype online. It's free
if both parties are signed up. Takes only a few minutes
to download, and you're good to go.
My Skype ID is: t.clear

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  1. Sorry to hear about your flat. But it sounds like you are overall haveing a glorious time.

    I'll check Skype out . . .