Sunday, June 22, 2008

Warning: the following entry contains meat!

Still life: Dinner With Art Stuff.
But seriously, check out this Irish Stew recipe.
I tell you, I'm done with my tried-and-true Fannie Farmer
beef stew. This one contains a cup of Guinness and a cup
of red wine, along with the usual stew stuff. My god, when
I inhaled after adding all the ingredients, I could've expired
on the spot, it was that fragrant.

The winter that we seem to be experiencing here in Ireland
ceased for a few hours this afternoon and we rushed out
for a walk, accompanied by Jack-the-dog who brought along
a deflated blue ball that Paul threw, Jack fetched, etc.,
on and on down the lane. At one point, Jack picked up
a second half-ripped, deflated ball, and it became evident
that he wanted Paul to carry the blue ball back. Ha!
This is a smart dog, both when he's herding sheep
and when he's herding humans. And apparently we're
easy humans to herd. We obey. Baaaaa.


  1. Jack sounds sweet. My own little Finn often relies on me to hold onto treats which he isn't quite ready to enjoy, but wants to make sure his sister the beagle doesn't get hold of. I of course oblige becuase who in their right mind could refuse such a cute little muppet? It never ceases to amaze me the communication that can happen between people and animals.

  2. While your Jack-the-dog stories are great, I can't wait to modify my stew (also Fannie Farmer's) with the Guinness and red wine. Does it taste better with the ambience of nearby art supplies?

  3. Jack is amazing, and now has an international following!!

    Mary: yes, I'm sure ambiance and art supplies add to the flavor, but damn it's good! We slurped up the remains tonight along with the remnants (and crumbs) of yesterday's loaf of bread.

  4. is there a real recipe (or link) for that drooly good looking stew? the link goes to the page cannot be displayed message. wah!

    thanks bunches.

  5. I think I fixed it, but if not, try this: