Saturday, June 7, 2008

Crosby, Stills & Nash

You know you're getting up there when, prior to
a CSN (minus Y) show, there is classical music
piping from the sound system. Last night the clouds
miraculously parted for a rain-free albeit chilly performance
at Chateau Ste. Michelle winery. Although their vocals
aren't quite what they used to be, these sixty-something
icons of rock nonetheless started their set at seven sharp,
took a break mid-set (a nap, perhaps?) and came back
to play until 9:45, with, alas, just one encore. And no
"Suite: Judy Blue Eyes"! We were a sedate and polite
audience, finally standing for "For What It's Worth."
David Crosby resembled an aging-rocker Santa Claus
with his snowy beard, hair, eyebrows and moustache.
Stephen Stills, in his relaxed jeans and oversized
sweatshirt, played his usual understated and introspective
guitar. Graham Nash seemed to be the most fit
and upright of the three, svelte in his all-black
with that shock of white white white hair!
Their harmonies still swirl out like honey
upon honey, and when they launched into "Our House"
there was more than one couple (yours truly included)
who scootched closer together under blankets
and winter coats -- now everything is easy 'cuz of you.
When we left, a November fog had settled in above
Sammamish Slough, and a hooked sliver-of-a-moon
guided us through damp and darkened woods
all the way home.


  1. Speaking as a musician, I always thought Stephen Stills's skills as a guitarist were always underrated. I always thought he could play circles around Mr. Slowhandwhaterver his name is, for true. I wish I had seen this. Your post made me all wistful. Ha. I've played over one billion classical music concerts at Chateau Saint Michelle. I played once a month in the barrel room while I was pregnant plus a week past his due date. I have the funniest photo of myself rosining my bow in a black velvet dress the size of CostCo and a deadly glare in my eyes. See? Wistful.

    Freezing to death in north Seattle.

  2. R., love the image: black velvet, rosin,imminent birth. It was a great show, even better with the tension
    of leaden clouds.

  3. RK: Steve can still bring it. Those burbling leads are immediately recognizable and you can tell that the guy still likes playing guitar. Do you know the Super Session album? ( It's wonderful, and the CD release sells at a bargain price.