Thursday, June 19, 2008

These are from yesterdays walk. Notice the presence of the sun!
I've been informed that local residents have been enjoying a great
deal of sun and absence of rain. Let's hope it stays. Word is that
gloom has once more descended upon my birth city of Seattle.

Last night our internet connection at the house mysteriously
disappeared -- everything showed that we were connected
but alas no service. We were bereft! Forlorn! We are so addicted
to this instant hook-up to the greater universe. And now, mercifully,
it's back, with news of Reilly's New! Job! Yay! Full-time! Now he can
start paying rent, car insurance, etc..... 

We dined at our favorite Westport restaurant yesterday --
Mediterraneo. It's Sicilian, a narrow slip of a space between
buildings, with the entrance off an alley-of-sorts. Ezio,
the owner, is a narrow slip of a man who always wears
very tight jeans and a white shirt, and sashays between
tables with a certain Italian-style savoir faire.
The portions are always generous. My choice was 
thinly-sliced steak -- stuffed with cherry tomatoes,
sultanas and onions, then rolled, sliced and skewered,
served with a side of the most divine deep-fried potatoes
imaginable (not unlike those at Antoine's in New Orleans).
I asked for a take-home bag but it didn't appear, and when
asked about it, the waitress hedged and Ezio good-naturedly
accused me of not finishing my dinner because I didn't like it,
then he whisked himself away as if he would miss his part
in the dance if he lingered a moment longer. Upon payment,
still no leftovers, and Ezio refused a tip, claiming that we were
"V.I.P" customers. Oops! I suspect those lovely steak and 
potato bits had landed in the trash. 

A cat visited -- a calico with bright orange
and black patches on a white ground, with a stub-of-a-tail
broken and gnarled at the tip. Talkative and a purr
like a small engine, she rolled over and over, showing
her belly -- to me! A stranger! Looks like I'll be getting
my cat fix while I'm here.


  1. Do cats there speak with a accent?

  2. Yes -- and they purr with an accent too! (And they love Guinness.)