Friday, June 27, 2008

From my brother-in-law Dick:

Knock, knock who's there?
Merchants selling holy ware !
Precious items, buy the lot,
We even offer holy snot !


  1. Absolutely no comment. None needed.

  2. I haven't got a knock knock joke - how about this instead?

    There was a young lady in Carrowholly
    Whose blogging is often quite jolly
    So entranced with her life as a new wedded wife
    I could read every day - oh what folly!

    Of her husband, I know not a lot
    He blogs music and politics - thinking
    Though I'm sure he forgot
    Please - a Scot is a Scot
    Scotch is good only for drinking!

  3. Heather! My laugh of the morning!
    (And I'll be sure to pass along
    the Scot/Scotch detail.)