Sunday, June 15, 2008

Carrowholly, Westport, County Mayo

(Click on pictures to enlarge.)
Just took these two pics, from the front patio, looking south 
and west. Just rolled in, (I think it's afternoon)
time has lost shape after many hours and three airports, 
an ill-advised attempt at upright sleep in my sardine-
sized airplane seat. Paul's already out cold -- I need to unwind.
Had a bowl of Cheerio's and Irish strawberries (at 22 cents
apiece -- and that's on sale at buy-one-get-one free!
And I mean, buy one container, get one free. They are not
priced individually! But perhaps they should be....the dollar
is in the toilet. ) Jack the blue/brown-eyed neighbor dog 
has visited already, running all the way across the cove 
when I called him, barked when I didn't pet him enough. 
There are great heaps of gorse which has been trimmed 
around the house, stickery and brown, ready to be carted off. 
Croagh (Mt.) Patrick looms conical in the distance. 
With my binocs I can see the chapel at the summit, a few 
hardy souls who have ascended its rocky heights.
Sunday afternoon and it's pin-drop quiet in the cove.
I should just give-in to this sleep which is pushing me
down, forget this attempt to fool the clock!
The sky is wrought with clouds, yet a spotty sun
breaks through between bursts of rain.
I will always be amazed at Paul's ability to get behind
the wheel of our rental car -- on the wrong side, no less --
and drive on the opposite side of the road, shifting with his
left hand, after little sleep and long travel. And it's a 2-3 hour
drive after we leave the airport. It must be a male-gene thing.
There is no way I could do that. And the roads are very narrow,
and people drive -- careen, actually -- at high speeds. Yowza.


  1. Glad you made it there safely. I am basking in beach life at S. Padre Island. Two more days of paradise, then it's back to reality.

    Have a lovely, productive, restful, creative, restorative writers' retreat in far-off (geographically) yet close by (electronically) Ireland!

  2. Actually, it's a Paul thing, unique to me.