Thursday, June 12, 2008

We leave in two days! When Melinda bemoaned
the fact that I'll not be at work for a month, I told her
that I'm not really going on a vacation, I'm going
on a month-long writer's residency.
(For a moment she believed me.) 
"And T, how did you get this residency?" 
My answer:

Truth be told, when I wrote "must know how
to use punctuation" in my profile
four years ago, I wasn't joking. And when I received
a response that contained not only accurate
and appropriate punctuation, including bulleted points!
And correct spelling! I was smitten.
The rest is history.
Residency in County Mayo here I come.

I went into Daniel Smith (Artists Supplies) yesterday
and as usual, felt as if someone was going to run up
to me and declare "imposter! This woman is a poet,
not an artist!" I admit to being very intimidated
by the tubes of paint, etc. I was in search of a small
vat of Yes Paste, a bone folder, an exacto knife, some
paper. A very helpful young man came to my aid,
and in under five minutes I learned a heck of a lot
about a)adhesives and b)paper weights. And the best
part was that he completely took me seriously! Yay!
Bringing it all with me, along with odd scraps of paper
and an envelope of stamps/postdates from 1959-60
which I bought at a garage sale for a quarter.
Not sure exactly what will come of it, but the thought
of a month without the frantic schedule I currently keep
is quite delicious, and hopefully will inspire not only
some new writing but a few other projects as well.
Stay tuned.


  1. actually (truth be more fully told), when T told me she had a "residency" (of course I knew she was going) I wondered out loud what she had done to GET said "residency." She blushed when I spoke my guess out loud.
    Uh huh.
    Punctuation rules. Right.