Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Murrisk Beach Walk

I am enamored of the colors in this landscape -- we took a short hike
in the shadow of Croagh Patrick, past Murrisk Friary and on down
to the shore, which curves and curls around tidepools and pastures
where horses graze unconcerned with the wind. When I beach-walk,
I'm torn between keeping my eyes raised to take in the greater
surroundings, or keeping them earthward -- there is so much
to observe and such an expanse of colors in the flora,
the tide-lines of seaweed, the crab carapaces tossed
by the hundred into the grass, the periwinkle shells,
the cockles, the mussels. (On this particular stretch of beach
the human-contribution to debris was at a minimum: shreds
of rope, and the occasional plastic jug.) We were blessed with
a good hour without rain, but it appeared to be lashing at the
hardy souls trekking up Croagh Patrick's scree.
Finally back at the car, we feasted on ham sandwiches
made with the last of the homemade bread and some
Polish pickles (as close to dill as I could find).


  1. I would love that beef stew recipe but can't get the page to come up for the recipe OR the comments. I love the photos on this latest post, I sure wish I was there!

  2. Here you go: www.elise.com/recipes/archives/001414irish_beef_stew.php