Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We motored in to Castlebar today and filled up
the tank for $7.85 a gallon. (Yes, Paul did all
the conversions.) Just thought I'd give all you
Americans a little perspective. (Not that I like
paying $$$ for gas. Just sayin'.)

I was in search of an art supply store, running
out of specialty papers, and after a very tame
wild goose chase there was one to be found,
through an archway and down an alley, a closet
of a place and a very helpful salesclerk who
ordered some precut papers for me from her
supplier in London! When I told her what I was
doing -- she became very concerned and suggested
envelopes for my postcards. (Maybe she was just
up-selling.) I said that mailing them unenveloped
is a big part of the appeal for me. Handmade postcards
at the mercy of postal clerks all over the world. Naked.
Some may not survive, but the preciousness-level
isn't high and I like postmarks. So we'll see.
The first batch goes out tomorrow!

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  1. T, your (and Pauls) photos and descriptions are DREAMY and wonderful.
    Thank you!