Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Evening on the bay

Was down below the surface today
in the bay off Gustavia in a semi-submersible
boat, gliding through schools of yellow
and black striped fish, angel fish,
manta rays, barracuda's, a single turtle.
Coral reefs: brain coral, candle coral.
And now, past dinner, out on the top deck
with the binoculars, scoping out Orion
and its nebula, so many galaxies beyond
what we experience, so much more
than the dinner conversation which veered
from baseball to Archie McPhee
to the question: how does one punctuate reality?
And then: should one punctuate reality?
And my question (which might've been
a bit much for our fellow diners:
What would Bacon do?
Bacon would sizzle, I can tell you that.
(Life is way too short not to sizzle.)
I'm going to sizzle, baby, all the way.....


  1. You Sizzle!
    (I saw the uTube thingy too)
    ahh, below the surface.
    another world.
    reality punctuates itself.