Friday, January 25, 2008

Winter is about the kitchen.
That daily ritual of chopping, mincing, crushing.
Last night it was red peppers and yellow squash
(I am thankful for the brilliance of their colors
which spark light into this darkness) and chicken tikka
(crisp from the broiler )and basmati rice spiked with saffron.
Remembering how important the colors on the plate
were to my mother. How dismayed she would be
if it happened to be, say, an all-yellow dinner.
I think she disappointed herself, seeing that she
was the cook. I am more forgiving, try to find
the humor in an all-yellow meal! (Baked chicken,
yukon gold potatoes, corn, yellow squash.)


  1. And the greens! Leafy dark chard or kale. (I worry a lot about making meals entirely out of yellow or white.)

  2. An all-white dinner! Frightening!
    Let's see....filet of sole, white rice, cauliflower, some matchstick jicama marinated in white vinegar....

  3. I once went to an all white party. We were instructed to wear all white, there were all white flowers, etc., and all the food was white. It was actually kind of fun (but then what can beat creamy lemon chicken fricassee over white rice with white asparagus? I mean really...

    and white chocolate moose for dessert.

    I can't remember what I brought though..

  4. And for good white food, never forget mashed potatoes. :)