Saturday, January 12, 2008

Jost Van Dyke, pop. 180

The end of laziness. Or, at least,
it's laziness' last day. We may just stay
on board today, too much work to strap on
the life vests, clamber into the Zodiac,
splash ashore. But there is caviar and champagne
on the beach. (Not into caviar, and champagne
in the noon sun turns me into jelly.) (Or Jell-o.)
But that sand and warm water beckons.
Looking forward to returning to Seattle weather,
where, as Reilly said on the phone yesterday,
"it's cold as fuck." (I really am looking forward
to it!)


We did end up drinking champagne on the beach,
although I had to wade out into chest-deep water
to retrieve our full glasses -- they were floating
on a surf board. Really! Most of the ship's 102 passengers
were on the beach for this, and there were some middle-aged
women in bikinis who perhaps should've considered
alternate bathing costumes. Lots of breast flesh
and belly flesh just kind of slopping about.
Paul and I watched the pelicans swoop and dive
for minnows for at least an hour, then we tramped
about on some back roads, oh-so-slow in the heat,
happy to feel the earth solid beneath us.

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