Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pancake Review No. 2

Candied Ginger & Lemon Oatcakes at Pomegranate Bistro
in Redmond....I was a little bit hesitant, as candied ginger,
when used with a heavy hand, can overwhelm other flavors,
but I thought, what the heck. I was not disappointed!
For $11 (a bit pricey) I received a stack of six 3-inch
pancakes, topped with slivers of candied ginger, honey butter,
a side of whipped cream, and a pitcher of real maple syrup.
(I think the authenticity of the maple syrup accounts for
the slightly steep price.) The oatcakes were tender but with
a slight chewiness, thanks to the oats. Not a lot of lemon flavor,
(which wasn't really missed) and the candied ginger was only used
as a garnish, so I was able to season as desired.

Pomegranate Bistro, the on-site catering location
and restaurant home of Lisa Dupar,
is located in a non-descript business park on the
Redmond-Fall City Road, across from Whole Foods.
Noisy, kid-friendly, with richly-toned wood tables
(some are large family-sized), high ceilings and
ambient lighting, it's inviting and comfortable,
and the wait-staff is always knowledgeable and congenial.
There are tall windows on one side which look out onto
the massive catering kitchen. (I've not yet been lucky
enough to sit close to the show) The menu boasts a selection
of signature drinks, as well as beer and wine.
For after dinner, there is a lovely selection
of Ports and single-malt Scotch. But wait!
I was writing about pancakes! Breakfast!
Dinner is just as good -- we held our rehearsal
dinner here. It's worth the journey over the
river and through the -- I mean, across Lake Washington.
If you happen to get there for breakfast (Saturdays
and Sundays only, beginning at 9am) don't hesitate
to order the pancakes.

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