Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Ideal House.... a silver glass tree ornament
of a six-sided house, covered in white glitter.
I've wanted to live in it for many years.
Not sure if P. and I would fit. It's very small.
(Zero bedrooms. Zero bathrooms.)
All this time and it has not broken.
It lives most of the year in the back
of my closet, and for two weeks in December
it inhabits an uppermost branch of an evergreen
in my living room. The ideal house, the perfect house,
the house of one's dreams doesn't exist.
(Or if by chance it does exist it's really
a Christmas ornament and there's no way in hell
anyone can live within its fragile veneer.)


  1. the perfect house is built around all that is home and if home is where the heart is--and shoot howdy on the heart's fragile veneer--then house and home are within you, and that is perfect enough.
    glitter makeup can make you feel like an ornament, i suppose, and climbing your favorite tree every once in awhile would give that good ol' december feel...and perspective.

  2. I *do* want to live in a tree/trees!