Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Nuptial Math

Fifty-four people, forty-four bottles of wine/prosecco
consumed (or at least opened and billed!) at the wedding.
44 divided by 54 = .81/bottles/person.
Subtract the designated drivers and the non-drinkers,
and, well, it's more like one bottle per person. Yikes!

For more wedding stories, check out Paul's blog.


At a New Year's party last night at Ben and Pam's
I hit my socialibility wall pretty quickly --
went and sat outside alone by the fire.
It didn't take Paul long to find me, as he was
feeling quite the same. We made our quick exit,
went back to my house to crash, pre-midnight.
Awakened at the stroke of twelve by a neighbor
lighting loud, bright fireworks one after another.
Damn, I'm feeling old!

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