Monday, July 13, 2009

Horse Heaven

Bob and I took a long meander down the beach
after a failed attempt to reach Crovinish Island.
It would've required the doffing of boots
and a wade through carrageen-thick water
up to the knees or so. I was game, but the boys
weenied out. So we ended up on a little cross-pasture
jaunt, over stone walls laced with barbed-wire,
through hillsides of thistles and over barred gates
(we entertained a small herd of heifers in the process).
We both managed not to rip any clothing!
Barbed-wire is an effective deterrant, I must say.
These equines greeted us at the bottom of the hill,
when we finally wound (and found) our way
back to the road.

Big Daddy --

Check out these feet --

This pretty boy, across the street, was jealous
of all the attention the other horses were getting,
so I crossed the road while he posed for me --

Mama and baby --

Practicing dance steps --


  1. How beautifully cared for these horses are.

    In a pasture and the fetlock skirts are clean and non-tangled!

    And yes, good for the no news means good news!

    Love, C.

  2. I have always wanted a pony.

    Thanks for the pix.

  3. Delightful and they are so silky looking; obviously brushed every day.

  4. Yes, they are certainly beauties! And this year is the first time that the stallion has even come up to me, much less let me pet him. He's a very serious daddy-horse! (He has two horse-wives and two foals, all in the same pasture.)

  5. I've always wanted a draft horse- gentle giants. They look so very content.