Thursday, July 2, 2009

A young female sparrow crashed into a window
this morning, leaving a considerable glob of feathers
stuck to the glass. It tried to stand, and toppled.
I picked it up, and cradled it for nearly an hour,
as its breathing went from frightened and labored
to slow and shallow, eyes closed, one foot and one wing
seemingly hurt. Such intricate, tiny feathers!
Around me, on the porch, a host of bees and flies,
all about their work. Two male goldfinches sparred
for the attentions of a female. Horses across the cove
grazed and whinnied. Barely a breeze.
I was thinking about those strawberries
purchased yesterday, small Irish berries:
breakfast. And coffee. And oats.
But it all kept.

I kept waiting for my sparrow to suffer
her last breath. Just last week I buried
a cat who, in her prime, would've made a quick gulp
of this feathered handful. Who am I to be troubled
by this small death: chicken soup in the fridge?

And then her eyes slowly opened, and she righted
herself, and after a few minutes, fluttered off
to the gorse. I went in to my berries and grain.


  1. You would probably like my poem, "Bird in the Hand".

    I hate when this happens.


  2. Poetikat -- is there somewhere online where I can read it?

  3. Hi T:

    Great story. We have that some here & it's amazing how long it takes them to get their bearings, but sometimes they do come back from really bad collisions.

  4. it is always such a joy when these stunned birds shake it off and let us exhale.

    most sorry to read of the loss of your cat.... hugs

  5. Premium T. You can read it on my blog, "Poetikat's Invisibe Keepsakes". Just search "Bird in the Hand" on the blog itself.

    Sorry, I missed the fact that you had lost your cat. I have 4 of them and know how hard that must be for you.


  6. Thank-you, Kat. It was hardest on my oldest son....23...with a tender heart.