Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I woke up early this morning -- 5:30 --
past the worst of this Hibernian plague,
and right away put on my sweatshirt and
walked out into the early glow. No rain,
and the wind had eased to a mere hum.
Pat's sheep across the cove already were
hard at their work of consuming grass, heads
bent to the earth. Gulls lofted in the thermals.
Frogsong -- or crickets? I couldn't tell.
I'd not had coffee yet, nor my daily ration
of oats, or strawberries. And I hadn't
really properly awakened, having strode
straight from the bed to the door.
I recommend this: proceed straight
from a dream to a completely different
landscape, on your feet. Not sleep-walking,
but then not awake-walking either.
A kind of blue limbo, with gauzy cloud-rags
at the edges.

(Except in this case, in the dream I was
an adult in a children's school-play,
and it was showtime and I'd not memorized
my six lines. Neither had I pulled together
a costume. So I solved this problem
by just not showing up for the event.
Sometimes avoidance is very successful.)


  1. I'm so glad to see you're feeling improved!

    The rain and thunderstorms returned this week, though the temps are still hot and, of course, it's so humid that any movement makes one sticky.

    Still, the light of late afternoon, early evening, striking through breaks in the cloud banks to the west, makes one drunk as if drinking mead.

    The light this summer at that time of day has been spectacular. I make a point of being out then, even if I have no reason to be.

    Love, c.

  2. Foxessa -- but you obviously do have a reason to be out!