Wednesday, July 8, 2009


A house down the road for sale.
In the photos on the realtor's website,
it's a pretty sweet spot (the tide out the back door),
both inside and out. Now it looks like someone has
trashed the place and left in a hurry. Squatters?


We walked/climbed up the flanks of Croagh (Mt.) Patrick
yesterday. All but Bob and I wimped out at St. Pat's statue.
Here's the path:

We weren't attempting the summit, and were without
water, so we didn't even attempt the ridge, but pressed
on for about 30 minutes, the view more spectacular
with every labored step.

The boys:

Bit & sparks of sunlight!


  1. Your climb looks to be a real ankle twister - but the view is worth the struggle, isn't it?

  2. Houses don't like to sit empty and it doesn't take long for the elements to reclaim what's theirs. It looks as if there are as many plants growing inside as out. Needs some love.

  3. Sandra -- absolutely!

    blackbird, I "rescued" a bunch of flowers from the garden....

  4. Great shots of house - effstopworthy!