Saturday, July 4, 2009

I took off on a walk after dinner, up the road
past foals and a cavorting bull and laundry
on lines and the vicious dogs locked up! Yay!
One Jack Russel wears a muzzle and comes
charging after me as if I were prey. Kinda scary.
Anyway, I was in search of wildflowers for a bouquet
to put in one of the bedrooms -- P.'s brother and his
family are rolling in tomorrow -- and I took notes
along the way: astilbe, wild fuschias, some wild peas.
This year (so far!) we are blessed with 65-70 degree temps
and no significant wind. (Last year at this time we suffered
a perpetual gale.) Ideal conditions for an amble.

I met three scarecrows holding court
over their potato & onion patch --

I discovered an abandoned flower garden at a house
for sale: poppies, lilies, borage, roses, love-in-a-mist,
nasturtiums, artichokes and lots & lots of nettles.
I'll come back tomorrow with a basket....

There was a big party at the Purple Cheese House
(the house is purple and they make cheese) with tents
and a live band and bands of live children bounding
across lawns and in and out of hedges and up and over
stone walls, all shriek & shout. In the next pasture,
a piebald mare, and her rambunctious piebald colt
doing his part to get in the spirit of the evening
(sound track, Ride On, by Christy Moore,
compliments of the party at the
Purple Cheese House):

And now, an hour later, it's still daylight
at 10:30pm. No wonder my sleep schedule
is askew!


  1. Wow, fantastic video. Watching that colt run made me feel good and sentimental.

  2. Ah, now I'm feeling guilty and envious in equal parts. I'm skipping my evening walk today (a)because I don't want to wake up too much (5 a.m. wake-up call to come) and (b) because it's still hot outside and I'm a wimp.

  3. What fun doings - the pasture scene certainly brought a feeling of freedom - most appropriate for Independence Day! Cheers!

  4. The second scarecrow pic is right out of The Wizard of Oz!

  5. (That was Paul masquerading as me in the above comment. Someone forgot to sign in under his own name!)

  6. The scarecrow pics are great-- sounds like a lovely day. It's amazing how young horses run like that from sheer exuberance.

  7. man, you are in paradise. love the scarecrows.
    and even just the names of the flowers are beautiful.

  8. Already, this year's equine video.

    Many thanks!


    Love, C.

  9. Yep, it's paradise. No question about that.

    Foxessa, I was thinking of you when I was filming this!!

  10. Well, then, thank you for the Thinky o' moi!