Friday, July 24, 2009

Images from Knock

The town of Knock is the site of the Apparition of 1879,
when it was reported that the Virgin Mary, St. Joseph,
and St. John the Evangelist appeared to fifteen people.
Although I haven't been a practicing Catholic for all
of my adult life, I am nonetheless fascinated by

...especially this giant rosary:

I should really be honest here:
my favorite thing about Knock is the shops:
one after another literally overflowing
with knick-knocks, bric-a-brac and
paddy-whackery: ALL THINGS CATHOLIC....

But what really made an impression on me were
these "toys" -- and this is just in one shop....

God help us.


  1. i can see that i have missed something by not shopping in Knock.

    we saw an outdoor procession like that in Cobh a couple of years ago. it was fascinating, partly because people in the town had decorated their houses and front doors with all kinds of catholic stuff. it was very lovely and moving but also very fervent.