Thursday, July 9, 2009

Quietly stepping through the minutes today,
cell phone at the handy. Feeling pretty useless.
But still in Ireland. R. still in hospital.
Seattle still six thousand miles away.


A little tenor treat, I recorded this downtown
this afternoon:

Still the most beautiful place on earth:

I'm hoping for quietly beating hearts, steady hearts,
unbroken hearts.


  1. Thank you for the song. What a treat it must have been to come upon those three. m And them landscape pictures Talked to Nelson and Tom talked to Reilly. They sounded good. Try not to worry too much. xxx

  2. And those landscape pictures are beautiful. whoops

  3. Beautiful singing & beautiful photos-- all the best to you & your son.

  4. Not a bit shy, your tenor. Lovely.

    I'm glad to see the comments from Carol's Kitchen. It sounds as if things are going fine back home.

    Wishing you peace of mind -

  5. So tell me is the other gentleman in the video Irish or American? I noticed he pulled out his cellphone! Shorts and tshirt: Eire here I come!!
    Lovely to see Carol's reassuring comment here.

  6. You should be proud at how very competent your sons are at handling crises without you or Paul to assist.

    Very proud.

    So many adult children are not capable of doing so.

    And even though I don't have parents or any family to speak of other than Vaquero, I'm one of those who can't handle crises. I've never really grown up in that way. I am ashamed of that.

    Love, C.

  7. Robin, put the shorts back. Pack a raincoat and a fleece. Chilly! Wet!

    C., thank you so much.