Monday, July 6, 2009

I sent out my first batch of postcards in the mail
today -- the card-stock was a mite bit thin
so I'm anxious to see how they fare in the hands
(and automation) of Irish and American postal workers.
But then, that's all part of why I do this: launch
my oeuvres into the world unprotected, at the mercy
of the elements. See how they fare.
So let me know if they arrive mangled.
If you want one and haven't sent me
your snail-mail address yet, there's still time!


My niece Jane and I are enjoying a Nutella moment.


all night
all day


  1. That's why it's so GREEN! I'm emailing you.

  2. rain all night and all day. sigh. i'm weird, but i would love that.

  3. that rain has brought salmon and sea trout into the rivers here; a busy few days for the anglers

  4. The rain is really beautiful, actually. Just makes it a bit soggy to be out and about!

  5. Thank you for the reminder. I'm off to e-mail.