Sunday, July 26, 2009

We drove down to the Dingle Peninsula Friday, a slog
behind tractor after tractor, horses pulling racing gigs,
bicyclers, a massive traffic jam in Limerick due to
a road closure due to a major accident.....what should've
taken three and a half hours took most of the day,
but what a pleasure it was once we left Tralee
and began climbing up the Conor extremely
narrow road on the edge of a precarious cliff, with reeling
views unobstructed by trees, and waterfalls. Lucky for us
we were on the inside track, but I was certain several
times that we were going to scrape the side mirror
on the rock face. No! Didn't happen. (Paul is a very
careful driver.)

And then down, quickly, to Dingle-Town, on a small
fishing bay. Charming, brightly-colored storefronts,
kind of an old hippie town with shops selling sarongs
and crystals and incense burners.

A great place to wander, a fantastic place
for eating. Fish and seafood starred on nearly
every menu. The first night I had a whole grilled
sea bass which positively made me swoon.
Dinner #2 was a fish pie made with a roux and court
bouillon, topped with mashed potatoes. Divine.
We've been on a big fish kick lately, which suits me
just fine. And we're obviously in the right place!


  1. I am so delighted to be sharing your travels via your posted virtual tour. Thanks for sharing the "going." With the photos posted - I too, am there!!

  2. ...and thank you, Rose Marie, for taking the time to comment!

  3. Great pix--I love seafood when I'm near the shore. Sounds like you're in a kind of seafood paradise.

  4. once again, you're singing my song... i've been to dingle three times, i think, driven through conor pass in dense fog....

    the first time i was there it was stil a sleepy town with milk carts pulled by donkeys (i'm not kidding.) the last time it was so busy we kept going and ended up staying in Ventry, farther down the peninsula.

    but oh so gorgeous there. so lucky you are. your pictures are great.

  5. Thank-you laurie, and yes, I do feel lucky. Every single minute, I do.

  6. Ta-ta Tralee, we're off to Dingle Town. Just the names enchant me and make me happy to say nothing of your lovely photos and descriptions. Feel better soon.